Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome! =)

Hello and welcome to Princess Perceptions!!!
HAHA! =) Okay, so I have no idea what I'm doing but this looked like fun! So here I am!! =)

First of all a quick update on me!!!

*I'm a 6th grade teacher @ Eagle Middle School.... I know 38 twelve year olds..... Yes, for the record they have attitude, they are in their awkward dono who I am phase, but they are incredibly funny and make everyday incredibly interesting!

*I am on summer vacation.... Although I do love teaching I savor my 3 month break from the kids.... besides by the time spring break hits they are pretty much 7th graders and not that cute anymore! =) haha However, summer is slowly winding down, and I am awaken with thoughts of "shoot my classroom isn't anywhere near ready" I realize that it is only July, but I'm a planner.... So Im guessing my room will get done sometime this week! =)

*I am waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to close on my new house!!! I have been working on getting this house since February and my patiences are running very thin!! I love this house and I'm so ready to move in!! It will be located on Chinden and Linder----> in Silver Leaf community. Which is so AMAZING because it will no longer be a 2o mile drive to work anymore! Swwweeeeeeet!! Also, when after I put an offer in on this house, I discoved that a friend from high school and his wife live like 5 houses away! =) I'm so excited for my new neighbors with some old friends! =)
*I have a 4 lb Yorkie named Bella! She will be Four November 23rd! =) I love her!! I am a little concerned about her adjustine to the move!! I will let you know how she does, when and if I ever get to move!!
*I currently hold the "single" status.... not so much a fan.... but w/ev what can you do?! Have your friends find you someone amazing, what else?! haha Jk, but really...;)
I guess thats all for now.... I'll keep you update Blog World!!

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