Sunday, November 1, 2009


So after thinking the other day about my trip to lagoon this summer, I couldnt help but remember the rides I love the best. The ones that go the fastest, have the unexpected twists and turns, cause you to lose your stomach, and the ones that you never know whats going to happen.
Why then is it, all my favorite things about rollercoasters are the things I hate most in life?
I think the real problem is that all of the twists and turns never lead me in a way that I think I should be going... my rollercoaster track leads me into a direction with more unexpected problems....
So, something needs to happen..... I either need to relay the tracks of my life!!!
I'm bailing from this ride! Then I'm boarding on a new one that, when I lose my stomach, its for AMAZING reasons!! Not reasons that stress me out!
Looking for a new rollercoaster!! Taking all willing and available!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


You can only get burned so many times before you become FIREPROOF!

***More to come later***

Sunday, August 30, 2009

**Coming Soon**

The girl before the ring......

Friday, August 7, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

Okay okay... No this actually has nothing to do with marriage, a wedding or, even true love but....

This is a OLD piece of writing, that i wrote a long time ago!
I am posting it NEW on this blog!
I havent figured out the borrowed part yet.....
And the only thing that was BLUE was me when I wrote it! =) haha

*Untitled*----(and open for suggestions)

With the starlight shining just for us
And fire works exploding in the sky
I thought I found my one true love
A true love that would never die

For months the only words we spoke
Were those of I love you
And now that it is over
I have to catch a clue

When I said I love you
It meant you were my everything
But when you spoke those words to me
They were more like lines that you would sing

Well Im back here to say
That three words still exist for you
They may not be what you are thinking
It's a brand new point of view

Instead of I love you
What I really wish to say
Is I'm over you
And tomorrow is a brand new day

Im over all your lame excuses
And all of your dumb lies
Im over being your little secret
I'm breaking all our ties

I can not think your everything
Because I know what's true
and the truth of the matter is
Im way to good for you

And now that we know this
There one thing left to say
I know your little secret
Its true I know your gay!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Waste Of Make-Up!

Have you ever woken up and not wanted to get ready? There are just some mornings in which you say to yourself "Whats the point?"

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am always the first person to want to get all dolled up!!That I will find ANY occasion to bust out the glitter eyeliner and throw some curly locks in my hair. I love the days in which my jeans fit every curve perfectly and I can slip into an amazing pair of hooker heels and turn some heads.....

Then there are those RARE occasions in which I completely resent the blow dryer and will avoid at all costs, the mascara tube!!! These are also the days in which I can spend minutes upon minutes (turning quickly into hours) just staring at everything in my closet..... looking through the tank tops, the short sleeves, the 3/4 sleeves, and the long sleeves and the only thing that looks appealing is the over sized EMS sweatshirt with matchin over sized EMS sweatpants!! No actual body shape can be made out... my feet can hide snuggly into the bottom of the sweats, thus doubling as slippers (who doesn't love that), and I can eat anything I want all day and these clothes will always feel big!! Its amazing!

So here it is ,the infamous question in upon me, yet again.... "to get ready or not to get ready" So whats a girl to do? Well, we all know the one time that we don't go through the hassles of getting ready you will meet the most amazing looking man, and you look like something straight out of some sort of sci-fi thriller movie. Or someone of very high importance will show up on your doorstep and they will be witness to your crazy hair and facial imperfections.... Awesome!

So you do what every other person has done today, you suck in up and get in the shower! You get out and slave over a hot blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, and any other tool used to fry your hair. You pull out the make up bag filled with tubes, wands, eye lash torture devices, and endless containers of various powders in a rainbow of colors. You spend countless seconds and minutes perfecting your look and by the end of it you look human again (you hope).

Now, we know where this is going.... Yepp today turns out to be the most uneventful day of your existence!! You don't end up meeting anyone fabulous or amazing and no one shows up on your doorstep. You might as well be that girl who got all dressed up and looking amazing sitting on her couch waiting for her prom date that has stood her up! Its pathetic!

So as you are pulling a brush through your hair (hair that took time and precision) and throwing it into a pony tale getting ready for bed. You also take a look at the wash cloth that just left your face and you see a resemblance of your face reflecting in the rag. You just wiped away the thousands of cosmetics that was applied to your face in effort to make you look flawless. Suddenly you realize something..... An epiphany moment strikes and the light bulb comes on....

Yes folks its true, today was a complete waste of make-up!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Getting Ready.....

For School!! =)
Been working in the classroom this week, trying to get things going for this coming up school year! Its been a task, just like always. Added some new things this year! Hopefully they work like I have them planned!! Im still not all the way done but here is what I have started....

Here is what you see when you walk right through my classroom door! =)

This is what you see behind my desk =) Got the hot pink and zebra!! OH and who can forget my BSU flags!?

HAHA exciting eh??.... white board and overhead!!

above my windows =)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Welcome! =)

Hello and welcome to Princess Perceptions!!!
HAHA! =) Okay, so I have no idea what I'm doing but this looked like fun! So here I am!! =)

First of all a quick update on me!!!

*I'm a 6th grade teacher @ Eagle Middle School.... I know 38 twelve year olds..... Yes, for the record they have attitude, they are in their awkward dono who I am phase, but they are incredibly funny and make everyday incredibly interesting!

*I am on summer vacation.... Although I do love teaching I savor my 3 month break from the kids.... besides by the time spring break hits they are pretty much 7th graders and not that cute anymore! =) haha However, summer is slowly winding down, and I am awaken with thoughts of "shoot my classroom isn't anywhere near ready" I realize that it is only July, but I'm a planner.... So Im guessing my room will get done sometime this week! =)

*I am waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to close on my new house!!! I have been working on getting this house since February and my patiences are running very thin!! I love this house and I'm so ready to move in!! It will be located on Chinden and Linder----> in Silver Leaf community. Which is so AMAZING because it will no longer be a 2o mile drive to work anymore! Swwweeeeeeet!! Also, when after I put an offer in on this house, I discoved that a friend from high school and his wife live like 5 houses away! =) I'm so excited for my new neighbors with some old friends! =)
*I have a 4 lb Yorkie named Bella! She will be Four November 23rd! =) I love her!! I am a little concerned about her adjustine to the move!! I will let you know how she does, when and if I ever get to move!!
*I currently hold the "single" status.... not so much a fan.... but w/ev what can you do?! Have your friends find you someone amazing, what else?! haha Jk, but really...;)
I guess thats all for now.... I'll keep you update Blog World!!