Friday, August 7, 2009

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue....

Okay okay... No this actually has nothing to do with marriage, a wedding or, even true love but....

This is a OLD piece of writing, that i wrote a long time ago!
I am posting it NEW on this blog!
I havent figured out the borrowed part yet.....
And the only thing that was BLUE was me when I wrote it! =) haha

*Untitled*----(and open for suggestions)

With the starlight shining just for us
And fire works exploding in the sky
I thought I found my one true love
A true love that would never die

For months the only words we spoke
Were those of I love you
And now that it is over
I have to catch a clue

When I said I love you
It meant you were my everything
But when you spoke those words to me
They were more like lines that you would sing

Well Im back here to say
That three words still exist for you
They may not be what you are thinking
It's a brand new point of view

Instead of I love you
What I really wish to say
Is I'm over you
And tomorrow is a brand new day

Im over all your lame excuses
And all of your dumb lies
Im over being your little secret
I'm breaking all our ties

I can not think your everything
Because I know what's true
and the truth of the matter is
Im way to good for you

And now that we know this
There one thing left to say
I know your little secret
Its true I know your gay!

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